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United States
Maybe I'm the one who is the schyzophrenic pyscho~

Current Residence: In a galaxy far far away D:
Favourite genre of music: J-Rock, J-Pop, Alternative rock, Metal
Favourite photographer: My mommy :D
Favourite style of art: almost everything, Anime/manga mostly
MP3 player of choice: I use my PSP
Wallpaper of choice: Dragon Ball Z, Hideto Matusmoto, Dir En Grey, Miyavi, Anime, Bloody things, etc
Favourite cartoon character: Gohan, Sailor Venus, Namine & Roxas : )
Please note me for the new account if you want to continue watching me : )
I've already noted some people on DA about my new account but I'm lazy haaa surprise!

I'm keeping this account running but it will hardly be used anymore, no I am not uploading deviations from this account onto my new account (probably anyways maybe 1 or 2 things) that's pretty much the sole reason I'm leaving this account running is because it has 5+ yrs worth of art and photographs that I find troublesome to move onto my new account but I still want to keep.

I will get on this account to look at comments and reply to them every once in a while but not much sorry to be leaving this account I'm leaving this account because

1) Got tired of my 5+ yr old MISSPELLED user name Uchia/Uchiha lololol I was a big NARUTARD when it first came out in the Shounen Jumps Naturally Sasuke and Sakura were my faves hence the user name

2) TROLLER DX I'm sure some of you noticed a troller on my page whom somehow continues being capable of making new DA accounts and continues harassing commenters my friends and myself on my account it's quite annoying : ) </3 Please don't give Cyber(whatever it may be now) my new account though I'm sure he'll be bound to find it eventually uggghhhh Dx

so that's about it also I've been damned busy doing a bunch of sewing xDD
Thanks :iconelfgirllithirnial: and :iconroblinkblind: for keeping me company during a couple of my sewing sessions xDDD also thanks for the Frape' last night OTL it was SO GOOD!

I'm really excited about Izumi Con!!!
I'm working with my sister :iconspring-strawberries: on her Gwendal cosplay!!
I have finished Cheri sama and Anissina cosplays for :iconrokinwriter92: and :iconpyromaniac1101: <- should be comin over on the 10th to try it on so we can see if anything needs adjusting : D excitement right thar lol
Sally are you gonna be our Murata? Just bring some black slacks your glasses and style your hair a bit I have a Murata blazer I've made you : D please say yes? OH YES I'm excited about our KKM group

we have at Izumi con
Cheri sama
Gunter (?) will you get into Gunter and take some pics with us? PLEASE MANA *pleads* please please!! lol

ohbtw KKM Kyou Kara Maou is like my favoritist anime/manga ATM and probably in 2nd or 3rd place for OVERALL FAVE but OVERALL it's DragonBallZ first though all my friends should know that xDDD

I wont be too active on my new account for a little bit because I'm preparing for Izumi con I need to work on my Orihime wedding dress for the Anime Wedding and I need to finish Fang FFXIII cosplay I hope I can finish her so I can debut her at Izumi con <333

EXCITED TOTALLY ABOUT MY MORGIF SWORD THAT :iconroblinkblind: and :iconc47bandit: are making I should be totting that around Izumi con lol I wanna carry it with me no matter what cosplay I'm in xDD ha!! OTL I LOVE IT

I have an artists table at Izumi con with :iconspring-strawberries: and :iconsexyshinyashots: also my friend Kimberly will have a small portion of the table for her jewelery : ) We haven't decided on a name yet OTL we need to though

well I guess that's all for now
LOVE YOU ALL <3333 Thanks for watching me and being my friend on this account!!! <3333
  • Listening to: Aladdin A whole new world
  • Reading: Japanese Coursebook
  • Watching: nothing
  • Playing: nothing
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: Dr Pepper

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